Cod Liver Oil

A few days ago I posted a photo of Carlson Cod Liver Oil. One of my Great Grandmother’s favorite remedies to fighting a Cold. My family is from the Delta Region of Arkansas. Some cod-lrefer to this place as “The Country”. Lol My Grandma is very resourceful and has a home remedy for EVERYTHING! The moment she hears you cough or sniffle she was sending you to the fridge for some thick, yucky, Cod Liver Oil. I hated having to take this growing up however now that I have a daughter I am thankful for the special little tips like this.

Kai has had a chest cold for about two weeks. Nothing, I mean nothing has helped. Every time she coughs you can hear the cold/mucus in her chest, but since Kai is only 17 months she can’t cough it up herself :(. I called my Grandma and she reminded me about Cod Liver Oil. So I went and purchased some at Whole Foods. I am sure you can find it at any of your local Natural Health Food Stores. Just an FYI it is $32.99 but do not let the price deter you from making the purchase. Think of how much you spend on cough syrup if your child gets sick every other month and doctor visits.

The Benefits…

Cod Liver Oil is from… Cod. Some of its benefits are:

  • Treating Ear Infections, Allergies, and Asthma
  • Helps heal Skin Wounds
  • Lowers risk for Autoimmune Disease
  • Omega-3s 
  • Supplies Vitamin D (Bones) 
  • Supplies Vitamin A 

I am not a doctor or health professional so if you are pregnant or nursing I am not sure how safe this is for you, therefore I would suggest that you consult your doctor before taking this.

The Results…

I first gave Kai the Cod Liver Oil on Sunday 11/26/2016. One teaspoon a day (Kai weighs 27 lbs. so she usually takes a tsp of most medicine she consumes). On 12/2/2016 Kai had a really bad cough and she gagged and threw up all of the cold/ phlegm that had been in her chest. She is feeling so much better! Most of her other cold symptoms have subsided as well! So if your child meets the weight requirements I definitely recommend it for your child during the winter and for you also. My grandmother takes it daily as well and she’s hardly ever sick.

If you are looking for a more natural way to help treat your viral cold try this and let me know what you think!

*This product was purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. It is my honest opinion determined from trail and error!