Introducing New Foods

Hello everyone! I just wanted to briefly share how I introduce new foods into Kai’s diet. As you all know Kai has multiple food allergies. She is on a very strict diet. Now that she is 17 months Kai has gotten fed up with her limited options and actually started refusing food (sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, chicken, sausage) :#oor baby. So I made the decision to step out on faith and we have began trying new foods (even foods that she is “allergic to”).

I usually try to only introduce new foods early on a Friday afternoon, right after I pick her up from daycare  to give time for reaction symptoms to subside by Monday so we can both return to work and school!

I only try one new food at a time. Then if there are no reactions I will give it to her again on Saturday. If there is still no reaction. Then I give it to her on Sunday as well. After she has had the food three days in a row I deem her not allergic, then we have a major celebration!

Some new foods we have recently introduced are:

This past weekend we introduced the Van’s Cereal and boy was it a hit!  It is Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, and Corn Free. This cereal is very yummy and between Kai and I we have almost consumed the entire box just this weekend. Please do not judge us. LOL

If your child has mild allergic reactions I would try this at home. If your child has SEVERE food allergies I would not recommend you trying this at home as it could be very dangerous for your child. For severe cases your child’s Allergist will recommend you come in to office and do their food clinics. Kai was offered this opportunity, but I didn’t see any point of scheduling an appointment for a doctors visit and waiting for hours for them to do something that I can do at home. It just wasn’t the most convenient option for us. I do strongly encourage you to try new things with your child if you are comfortable. There are some foods that I was keeping from Kai that she could eat like, wheat. Also, her allergy testing gave us the green light on consuming Oats, however Oats were actually breaking her out. So the allergy test are not always 100% accurate. What prompted me to start trying new things is when Kai started to refuse food. I also personally feel that even though she might have had a mild reaction from a food such as hives around her mouth, her coming into contact with the food will help her better tolerate it in the future. This is just my theory. Lol

If you have any questions about trying new foods or foods we have tried feel free to comment with your questions I would love to hear from you all. Until next time…. Happy Food Testing!

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