Battling Eczema: Kai’s Skin Care Routine

Along with Kai’s Food Allergies came a nasty, tricky, unpredictable case of Eczema. In order to win this battle I have to keep a tight routine for Kai that I have worked on simply using trail and error. I’ll break the routine down starting with, Bath Time.

Our Routine:

Now that Kai is attending daycare baths are very necessary. It is easy for small children with eczema to get a skin infection, which requires antibiotics to cure and we do not want that. When Kai first started daycare this was a frequent issue. I bathe Kai in shallow, lukewarm water. For washing, we use Vanicream Cleansing Bar Soap or Cetaphil Cleansing Wash. I usually do not leave Kai in the water any longer than 5- 6 minutes. On days when Kai is having major flare ups I add a little Epsom Salt to her bath and I use Dial Liquid Soap as her cleanser. This combination works really well to sooth her skin and the Dial gets rid of all of the bacteria from the day. After, I take Kai out of the bath I pat her dry with a terry cloth towel leaving her slightly damp. Next, I put on her diaper so that nothing gets in her diaper area since that area is sensitive.hen, I apply prescribed Triamcinolone Ointment on her rough dry patches and rub completely in. Kai’s roughest areas are usually her knees, on her feet, and on her hands and wrists. Next, I apply Cetaphil lotion and rub it in. After, I heavily coat her in Vaseline (unscented) from head to toe. Finally, I put Kai in her 100% footed zip up PJ’s. These PJ’s are long sleeve and footed. The best brand of these I have found so far that fit her size which is 18- 24 months or 2T is Carter’s. I buy these from JcPenny, they almost always have great sales on these or coupons available. I also have these Scratch Me Not sleeves that really come in handy if Kai is having a really itchy day. I ordered them off Amazon because I have a Prime Membership but you can also order directly from the site.


Kai in her Scratch Sleeves and Long Sleeve Footed PJs


In the morning, I simply follow all these steps again except for the bath. Kai’s teachers at daycare are so awesome and they will re-apply her Vaseline frequently throughout the day, typically at her diaper change when her clothes are off which really helps me out.

For Kai’s daytime attire I usually dress her in light sleeping onesies, ALWAYS LONG SLEEVE and stretchy cotton, legging type pants. Socks and tennis shoes because they help limit her scratching. Some people look at me crazy and have even asked why I have my daughter dressed in long sleeves & pants when it is hot outside. Some days I even have to leave her in her zip up PJs all day because they provide the best restriction on scratching.


kai .jpeg
Kai at Daycare in her Scratch Sleeves


Back in July, Kai’s skin got pretty bad. So she has to wear long sleeves most days to keep her from breaking her skin which she’s done on several occasions and this leads to staph infection which she has also had.

But just to update, last Saturday Kai wore a short sleeve shirt for a full day which is a first in a very long time. This was a major milestone for us! I will be sure to keep you all up to date on her progress and I hope this routine helps someone! 🙂